You'll get the results of a test against dogs dirt on walls, which you simply wipe off quickly with Capaplex primer, in this video for dog owners. The simple, quick solution of what to do against dogs dirt on walls and the problem of dirt and grime from your pet. Tip: just use elephant skin against it, after that you'll have no more dog dirt on walls.

Dog dirt on walls? Test & tips

What to do against dogs dirt on walls? Test & tips

You’ll get the results of a test against dogs dirt on walls, which you simply wipe off quickly with Capaplex primer, in this video for dog owners. The simple, quick solution of what to do against dogs dirt on walls and the problem of dirt and grime from your pet. Tip: just use elephant skin against it, after that you’ll have no more dog dirt on walls.

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Dirty dog mess in the flat?

Are you desperately cleaning the walls without success against your pet’s dirt on walls? Or is the dog’s place dirty, stubbornly dirty, where it always lies? Or do you have a slobbered-up eating place from your animal? Or are there dark streaks of dirt on the walls where your pet always roams? Or are you annoyed by the dirt on your dog’s sleeping place?

I had exactly the same problem: dirt on the wall, which my Black Russian Terrier dog Nessie had adopted outside. Which, with such a large, relatively long-haired dog with a hobby of not avoiding water and especially dirt, degenerated into oodles of grime.

In addition, of course, there was the dirt from her “greasy” dog skin, of which every dog owner can sing a song. Because what is dirt for us, is what every dog needs for its health and well-being.

If you are itching to write a comment along the lines of “Then why don’t you give your four-legged friend a bath?”, I’ll answer in advance: From my point of view, showering / bathing a dog with shampoo only belongs to the absolute emergency programme. So it’s not part of everyday life.

But now back to the topic: The mud from the dog on the wall spread pore-deep into the smallest cracks in the walls. You probably know the problem from your dog or pet: Where they roam again and again, pore-deep dirt remains. On the walls. Or on the door frame. Or … With car tyres you would say abrasion. And with a dog? What do you call that with a dog? Dog abrasion? The end of the story: in some places the flat looked terribly dirty! You didn’t want to let any visitors in.

What does NOT help against the dog’s dirt?

I have tried a few things against this dirt from the dog. For example: dirt erasers. Mops with soapy water. Pot sponge. Mircor fibre cloth. I’m sure I’ve forgotten something else in this list.

Of course, in all these attempts to remove the dog dirt, the surface must not be destroyed. That is, the wallpaper or the painted roughcast had to survive the cleaning attacks as undamaged as possible.

All attempts were stupidly disastrous: for one thing, it always took forever to wipe away the dirt. For another, it always took a very short time before new dirt was left in the same places by the dog. Frustrating. Annoying. Very, very annoying.

It was better after cleaning, though. Well, to be honest, the former spots just didn’t look quite so bad anymore. However, that stubborn film of dirt from the pet was just impossible to get properly clean. And who of us wants a “better” as the result of wiping, when the goal is a “Yippee! It’s completely gone!”?

Interview with a master painter

That’s why I had the idea to ask a master painter.

Me: As a professional, how would you solve the problem of the dog’s dirt on the wall?

Master painter: Why don’t you do it like in hospital? When I have to paint stained walls in hospital, the first thing I do is paint them. When it’s dry, you paint Capaplex over it.

Me: Ehm, Capo… what?

Painter: Capaplex. If you can’t remember the name, just ask for elephant skin. That’s what it’s called. You can get it at any hardware store.

Of course, the next thing I did was to pester the painter with questions.

+ An elephant skin primer? 02:25

+ Does it work on rough plaster? 03:52

+ Also as wallpaper protective coating? 03:52

+ Is it easy to paint? 03:57

+ Is it a low-odour primer? 04:28

+ Does it really work? 05:25

+ Is it durable? 04:30

The master painter rolled his eyes a bit with all the questions.

Painter: Try it out. I’m not going to give you crap that doesn’t work.

TEST against dog dirt: Elephant skin / Capaplex

So that you don’t have to rely on hearsay, Benzo and I have started a test for you: We bravely painted Capaplex. With the aim of matching every question to the painting master with our experiences. You can see the results in this dog video. (03:38)

As a bonus to this later cleaning trick, you also get 2 extra tips (4:58 and 05:14) from Benzo for your victory against the mud, drool, dirt and grime from the dog on the wall / or from your pet.

How do I paint Capaplex / elephant skin?

In the test video you can see how Capaplex / Elephant skin looks before painting. It is a milky-white liquid. But don’t be confused by the fact that it looks like a relatively thin paint at first. As soon as you paint it over wallpaper or plaster, it is just a transparent, clear layer. The result looks as if you had simply painted over your surface with clear varnish.

Capaplex has almost no smell when applied and is completely easy to paint; we used a roller, which worked very well. When we rolled the 1st coat of this liquid, I was really amazed. And that in a negative sense. Because there were drip marks and “noses” running down everywhere. It looked neither good nor even – and I lost the plot.

Probably the same thing will happen to you at first. BUT: don’t think anything of it. Because while the Capaplex dries, it all pulls together as smoothly as a baby’s bottom. That means: nothing remains of the fresh drip marks and noses. Phew!

After you have adhered to the drying time (see the manufacturer’s handling label), paint the area with the elephant skin a second time. Make sure you get every last crack in the wall or wallpaper (so that no more dirt from the dog can collect on the wall).

The result is a slick, damp-wipeable, impregnated surface that can now be hit by all the dirt, grime and slobber your pet has in store. It simply doesn’t matter. Because all you have to do from now on is to get a damp cloth and, as if by magic, everything is removed with a single wipe.

Short instructions against dirt on the wall from the dog

1. Paint over the dirty area 2 x with wall paint / or wallpaper it again.

Alternative: hire a crime scene cleaner (because the dirt is so stubborn) 😉

2. at least at the height of your animal (better higher) paint 2 x elephant skin / Capaplex over the paint / or wallpaper.

3. done

4. be happy that you will never have problems with dirty dirt again.

How durable and reliable is elephant skin?

As to the durability of this wonder weapon against dirt from pets, I quote the master painter one last time: “If I paint this in the hospital, it must be very, very durable! Because there, stains are not washed off with fabric softener. The stains there are usually so intense that every houseman falls to his knees crying. Because he can’t get them off.”

Now that the bad spots in the flat were sparkling clean again, my dog of course continued to immortalise himself there. And know what? Thanks to this miracle weapon against dirt from the beloved pet, I don’t care. Because it is defeated in seconds: just wipe it off with a damp cloth, done. And above all: the spots are now just as clean as they were before the dirt attack. It could be any better, couldn’t it?

Where to put the leftover Capaplex?

What really amazed me is that you don’t need much of it at all. Not even if you paint the surface twice. That’s why you’ll have plenty left over afterwards. You can either add the rest to your collection of half-empty paint buckets.

Or how about offering the rest to one or more dog friends? Or to owners of cats who can use it to paint the feeding area? Or other pet owners who have the same problem (which you no longer have)?

If you can’t think of anyone to give it to spontaneously, you can also offer the rest on gumtree / shpock / ebay e.g.. For example, in exchange for a bone for your dog. Or would you prefer to exchange it for a packet of coffee or chocolate for yourself? Either way: this way saves waste, unnecessary trips to the DIY store and you also have more space in the storeroom for wallpaper remnants or the like.

Sharing instead of hoarding

I gave my leftovers to two cat owners. To transport the liquid, I simply filled it into old screw-top jars, screwed the lids on tightly, stuck on a strip of masking tape with the contents and the whole thing was done. (The labelled jar is important so that everyone knows that there is NO FOOD in the jar. Keyword: danger of poisoning!) Since the recipients were still missing the label of the back of the jar, I photographed it and sent it via Messenger. Simple, quick and effective, isn’t it? – Benzo and I are big fans of no-frills options …

Where do I get this magical against-dogs-dirt-on-walls stuff?

At you’ll get more information about the tested Capaplex primer.

To order Capaplex elefant skin primer against dog dirt on walls online, see e.g.

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