2 ingredients only: DIY ticks protection for dogs (with rockrose / cistus incanus) Easy, fast and cheap: homemade DIY ticks protection* for dogs; with 2 ingredients only. The likeable Benzo (hand puppet) explains about this DIY ticks protection for dog: – What ingredients do I need to make the DIY tick guard for dogs? – How do I make these treats against ticks for my dog? – When do I need this tick protection for dog? – How to dose this DIY tick guard for dogs? – How much do the ingredients cost? – Why are ticks dangerous for dogs?
DIY ticks protection for dogs with rockrose
The great thing about this DIY ticks protection for dog: it is made entirely from natural ingredients (cistus incanus or rockrose herb and coconut oil). Want to know more about the effect of cistus incanus herb against Lyme disease? Current research results from the University of Leipzig and the Frauenhofer Institute for Cell Therapy and Immunology can be found here: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31474477/ In contrast, with the conventional medicines against ticks and parasites, you feed your dog a poison (chewable pills) that spreads throughout your dog’s body. Or, your dogs wears the poison in form of a plastic collar around him, resp. you have to apply drops into your dog’s fur. These are the only 3 possibilities to achieve the effect that ticks, mites and other parasites fall off the dog dead. Each of these 3 options contains poison. Just by having a look at the possible side effects of these products on your dog and/or the environment, you may feel very queasy. In contrast, with this DIY ticks protection for dog, you know exactly what is in it – just natural ingredients. Feel safe: for your dog, for you , for everyone who is in closer contact with your pet and for the enviroment. Why do dogs need protection against ticks? You might think: ‘A tick is just a little animal.’ – Yes, that’s right. But these little bloodsuckers are beasts. They can cause such serious diseases in a dog that your dog dies or is seriously ill for the rest of its live. Not every tick triggers a serious infection in your dog. However, every third tick does – so ticks are extremely risky for dogs. Many dog owners are not aware of these facts or they take the risk lightly. GoodNoseForDogs has to admit that we felt the same way. Until we almost lost our dog to a tick bite. Since then, we’ve been looking for better and better ways without scary side effects that are as scientifically proven and effective as possible to protect dogs from ticks. This DIY help against ticks is with rockrose herb for dogs and one of our findings. Because tick-borne infections can be deadly for your dog. Ticks transmit 4 serious diseases 1.) The best-known tick-borne disease is probably Lyme disease. If it is not recognised, it leads to lifelong, relapsing symptoms in your dog with pain that is sometimes perceived as unbearable. 2.) But a tick bite can also trigger the TBE abbreviated disease. TBE is the abbreviation for early summer meningoencephalitis. If your dog is infected by a tick bite, he gets symptoms like those of the flu: fever, dizziness, pain. In addition, the cerebral membrane becomes inflamed (meningoencephalitis). 3.) Your dog can also get anaplasmosis from a tick bite. Among other things, the white blood cells are destroyed and anaemia develops. For example, your dog suddenly gets a fever, is listless, no longer wants to eat or his joints swell up / become inflamed. 4.) Babesiosis also destroys the red blood cells in your dog. As with anaplasmosis, your dog will also develop anaemia due to the infection with the pathogens. Most of the time, this disease, which is transmitted by a small tick, progresses in such a way that your dog develops an acute high fever and appears dazed. If you do not treat him quickly, he will die within a few days. Conclusion: Although each tick is only a very small animal, it can infect your dog with very serious diseases. So serious that he can die from it or have lifelong health problems. Therefore, this video explains how you can quickly make an effective tick repellent with only 2 ingredients (cistus incanus / cistus herb / rockrose and coconut oil). Thanks a lot if you + share this video with friends, + subscribe to the channel, + click ‘like’! *) GoodNoseForDogs is neither a vet nor a pharmacist: please ask your vet beforehand if you can give your dog this remedy. Better safe than sorry.  

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